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Theoretically, technological advancements are supposed to make people’s lives easier. But as web applications get better, your job gets more complicated. Configuring, scheduling, scanning. Verifying. Business logic and penetration testing. Not exactly the kind of stuff you can tackle in your spare time—even if you had it. If you’re looking for a little relief, look to Rapid7.

Our Managed AppSec services allow you to offload your application security program – from scan management and vulnerability validation to pen testing – onto our experts, guaranteeing a consistent application assessment process to help you to minimize your workload, maximize your productivity, and free you up for other tasks.

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Our Managed AppSec services include:

Scan management

Our comprehensive approach includes everything from configuring and scheduling scans to monitoring scans through to successful completion.

  • Creating and modifying scan configurations, including authentications and recording macros
  • Architecting scan schedules, windows, and black–out periods
  • Confirming IPS/IDS whitelisting and notifying stakeholders of key events including blocked scans and offline applications

Vulnerability validation

Our experts will review findings, validate vulnerabilities, and remove false positives.

Targeted reporting

We run focused scanning and reporting on web applications or compliance requirements specific to your organization. Reports can be role–based and incorporate asset and vulnerability filters.

Additional web application security services:

Business logic testing

This valuable service offers an assessment of application functionality that is impossible to test with an web application scanner. This includes key areas such as business logic validation, process timing, function limits, and integrity and tampering checks, as well as workflow circumvention.

Application penetration testing

Our experts will test the aspects of your application that need human intelligence to be reached, complementing your automated assessments to provide maximum application coverage. 

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